Welcome to the Engertrol Group

Engertrol is a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering group established around a core of qualified and long experienced executive engineers.

A company that specialises in all aspects of hazardous areas engineering and design for the oil & gas and hazardous chemical industries. In particular our expertise lies in the following divisions of hazardous area engineering and consulting.

We are an Australian consultancy company formed in early 1980s, with an aim to provide specialised and high quality Process, Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering, Design, Installation, Inspection, Calibration, Commissioning and Trouble Shooting services to clients that operate mainly in the hazardous industries, such as oil & gas, petrochemicals etc.

For over 15 years Engertrol has been researching and developing the balloon launcher. We have designed a range of models to suit individual requirements and budgets. Engertrol is considering to divest the Meteorological Research Division and place their focus in other directions by announcing this opportunity to purchase their Weather Balloon Launcher IP & Patents.

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